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                                 CEFR                 A1         A2         B1         B2          C1         C2
                               LEVELS              A1.1  A1.2  A2.1  A2.2  B1.1  B1.2  B1+  B2  C1.1  C1.2  C1+  C2
                       Traveller 2nd Edition New!
                       BRITISH & AMERICAN EDITION  p. 14
                       British edition        p. 15

                                    Pioneer                                                               For a full list
                                                                                                          of components
                    A1 Ü C1         COURSE FEATURES

                                    • Motivating and contemporary topics with multicultural and

                         Α1.1         cross-curricular information
                                    • Lively dialogues presenting functional language in real-life        To make a
                 7 LEVELS      BEGINNER TO ADVANCED
                                      situations                                                          purchase visit
                                    • Reading material from authentic sources
                                    • An integrated approach to the development of the four skills
                                    • Special emphasis on vocabulary building
                                    • Grammar presented and practised in context
                         Α1.2       • Systematic development of reading and listening skills and
                                    • A variety of communicative tasks
                                    • Step-by-step approach to writing
                                    • Activities encouraging critical thinking and personal response
                                    • Task-based activities preparing learners for the real world
                                    • Practical tips helping students to become autonomous learners
                                    • A round-up section in each module providing regular
                                      revision and consolidation
                                    • A grammar reference section
                                    • A digital vocabulary list

                                    • Student’s Book                       • Teacher’s Book
                                    • Workbook                             • Class CDs
                                    • Grammar (Beginner to                 • MM Series Teacher’s Resources
                                      Pre-Intermediate)                    • Interactive Whiteboard Software
                                    • Online Glossary


                         B2             C1/C1+

                                                                                                  Adult Courses      15

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