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Since our first steps in 1974, we have been
                committed to excellence in educαtion, an

                idea which we continuously uphold through
                our innovative content and high-quality

                educational services.

                Our books and materials explicitly demonstrate how English
                      is used in real-life situations. They enable learners to
                      communicate with people from different locations and

                      cultural backgrounds fluently, accurately and confidently.
                Our team is committed to the design of an ideal educational

                      experience. We offer continuous customer support in the
                      form of online learning and testing solutions, in-service
                      teacher training, syllabus design and customised materials


                Our portfolio consists of best-selling titles around the world,
                      ranging from Asia, the Middle East and Africa to Europe
                      and the Americas. In close collaboration with Ministries
                      of Education, we have also produced special editions

                      of our series in compliance with local standards and

                Our slogan, “Learn, Share, Inspire” constitutes the keystone
                      of our endeavours. We are committed to the provision of
                      quality ELT materials and services of lasting value.

                                               THE MM PUBLICATIONS TEAM

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