Quality ELT books & e-learning
To pursue our mission of spreading knowledge during a period defined by novel educational challenges, we have created a Teacher Support Package providing schools around the world with digital content aimed at transferring learning into the digital world. Click here for a detailed overview of our package.

teacher resources
pre-primary & primary


Downloadable worksheets with the lyrics of the songs and audio to be used as extra teaching material.
Print and colour
Downloadable worksheets to be used as extra teaching material.


Ideas for warm-up activities
Downloadable teacher notes with ideas for warm-up activities to start your lessons in an interesting and fun way.
Classroom games
Downloadable teacher notes for fun classroom games to support your teaching.
Downloadable worksheets with topics of cultural interest to support your teaching.
Phonemic chart
A downloadable table with the vowel and consonant phonemes accompanied by words and pictures to support the teaching of pronunciation.