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Top Readers aspire to involve students from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate in the study of literature and the exploitation of language through interesting texts. A multi-dimensional material which enables students to evolve as readers and listeners, but also speakers and writers. Famous classics, as well as intriguing original stories serve as stimuli both for students’ linguistic and emotional development.

level 1
Headwords: 400
LISA IN NEW YORK Student’s Book978-960-443-657-6
LISA IN NEW YORK Teacher’s Book978-960-443-658-3
LISA IN NEW YORK Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-661-3
level 2
Headwords: 900
20.000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Student’s Book978-960-443-330-8
20.000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Teacher’s Book978-960-443-331-5
20.000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-427-5
HUCK FINN Student’s Book978-960-443-470-1
HUCK FINN Teacher’s Book978-960-443-471-8
HUCK FINN Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-663-7
A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-028-0
RAILWAY CHILDREN Student’s Book978-960-478-297-0
RAILWAY CHILDREN Teacher’s Book978-960-478-298-7
RAILWAY CHILDREN Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-301-4
LISA IN CHINA Student’s Book978-960-478-823-1
LISA IN CHINA Teacher’s Book978-960-478-824-8
LISA IN CHINA Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-826-2
THE SECRET GARDEN Student’s Book978-618-05-0245-9
THE SECRET GARDEN Teacher’s Book978-618-05-0246-6
THE SECRET GARDEN Student’s Book + CD978-618-05-0247-3
level 3
Headwords: 1100
OLIVER TWIST Student’s Book978-960-443-324-7
OLIVER TWIST Teacher’s Book978-960-443-325-4
OLIVER TWIST Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-430-5
TREASURE ISLAND Student’s Book978-960-443-474-9
TREASURE ISLAND Teacher’s Book978-960-443-475-6
TREASURE ISLAND Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-722-1
KIDNAPPED Student’s Book978-960-478-022-8
KIDNAPPED Teacher’s Book978-960-478-023-5
KIDNAPPED Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-029-7
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Student’s Book978-960-509-100-2
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Teacher’s Book978-960-509-101-9
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Student’s Book + CD978-960-509-163-7
SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS Student’s Book978-960-573-176-2
SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS Teacher’s Book978-960-573-177-9
SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS Student’s Book + CD978-960-573-179-3
level 4
Headwords: 1200
JEKYLL AND HYDE Student’s Book978-960-443-333-9
JEKYLL AND HYDE Teacher’s Book978-960-443-334-6
JEKYLL AND HYDE Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-428-2
THE TURN OF THE SCREW Student’s Book978-960-478-012-9
THE TURN OF THE SCREW Teacher’s Book978-960-478-013-6
THE TURN OF THE SCREW Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-019-8
THE AFRICAN QUEEN Student’s Book978-960-443-478-7
THE AFRICAN QUEEN Teacher’s Book978-960-443-479-4
THE AFRICAN QUEEN Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-662-0
THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING Student’s Book978-960-478-136-2
THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING Teacher’s Book978-960-478-137-9
THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-140-9
WUTHERING HEIGHTS Student’s Book978-960-478-623-7
WUTHERING HEIGHTS Teacher’s Book978-960-478-624-4
WUTHERING HEIGHTS Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-627-5
THE CORAL ISLAND Student’s Book978-960-509-096-8
THE CORAL ISLAND Teacher’s Book978-960-509-097-5
THE CORAL ISLAND Student’s Book + CD978-960-509-160-6
DAVID COPPERFIELD Student’s Book978-960-573-130-4
DAVID COPPERFIELD Teacher’s Book978-960-573-131-1
DAVID COPPERFIELD Student’s Book + CD978-960-573-145-8
level 5
Headwords: 1500
THE CREEPING MAN Student’s Book978-960-443-327-8
THE CREEPING MAN Teacher’s Book978-960-443-328-5
THE CREEPING MAN Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-429-9
THE TEMPEST Student’s Book978-960-443-482-4
THE TEMPEST Teacher’s Book978-960-443-483-1
THE TEMPEST Student’s Book + CD978-960-443-723-8
MOBY DICK Student’s Book978-960-478-004-4
MOBY DICK Teacher’s Book978-960-478-005-1
MOBY DICK Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-018-1
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Student’s Book978-960-478-113-3
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Teacher’s Book978-960-478-132-4
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Student’s Book + CD978-960-478-135-5
THE GRAPES OF WRATH Student’s Book978-960-573-449-7
THE GRAPES OF WRATH Teacher’s Book978-960-573-450-3
THE GRAPES OF WRATH Student’s Book + CD978-960-573-568-5
Lisa in New York
After winning an online quiz, Lisa travels to the American metropolis. While sightseeing with her cousin George, they meet a mysterious girl in a pink hat. Whilst trying to find out who she is, the two cousins follow a number of clues that lead them from one major sight to another. Join the two cousins around the city and find out who the mysterious stranger is and why she wants Lisa to have a great time in New York.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
In this classic tale of courage and adventure, three men in search of a huge and dangerous sea monster suddenly discover that the creature is really a remarkable steel-plated submarine called the Nautilus...
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
What happens when a nineteenth-century American is mysteriously transferred back in time to King Arthur’s Court? Kings and queens, knights and monsters, wicked magicians, they’re all there... Join Hank Morgan on his unbelievable adventure through Medieval England and enjoy this classic tale that is full of excitement.
Huck Finn
In the American South, an adventurous boy and a runaway slave escape to find freedom. They sail down the Mississippi on a log raft, but the river is often full of surprises that block their way... A well-known classic that generations of readers have considered brilliant.
The Railway Children
When Bobbie, Peter, Phyllis and their mother move to the country, near a railway line, a new life full of exciting adventures and new friends begins. However, a terrible secret is about to be revealed.
Lisa in China
This time Lisa sets off to China to take part in an International Photo Convention. She explores the country with her new friends and sees the wonders of a world which is both young and old. From Beijing to Shanghai and Hong Kong, Lisa becomes well aquainted with Chinese culture and also helps solve a mystery concerning an ancient jade frog.
The Secret Garden
Mary Lennox is a selfish ten-yearold who lives in India. After her parents’ death, she is sent to her uncle’s house on the Yorkshire moor, where she finds a new home full of secrets. When Mary discovers a secret garden, she also discovers friendship and love and transforms into a different person.
David Balfour, a young man in eighteenth-century Scotland, expects to live quietly with his only surviving family, an uncle. David soon realises that the old man seems to be keeping secrets from him. David starts to fear for his very life. This is only the beginning of his adventures, however. He will have to endure imprisonment on a ship, and a storm at sea...
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist is a penniless orphan in 1830s England. He joins a gang of thieves and soon is arrested for picking pockets. Will Oliver find happiness and a family or be doomed to a life with thieves?
Swallows and Amazons
Four children set up camp in England’s picturesque Lake District. As they explore the lake in their sailing boat, the Swallow, they meet another boat, the Amazon, and an amazing adventure begins. Join the Walker children as they sail the high seas, capture enemy boats and search for buried treasure in this thrilling tale.
Swiss Family Robinson
On their way to Australia, the family of a Swiss pastor ends up on a remote island, after a storm destroys their ship. The four boys and their parents use all their skill and craftsmanship to transform the place into a cosy new home.
Treasure Island
Jim Hawkins is a young boy working at the family inn. When a mysterious guest called the Captain dies, Jim discovers a treasure map in the dead man’s chest and his adventure begins. A famous classic full of suspense that readers still find very exciting.
Jekyll and Hyde
Few Victorian mysteries are more haunting and sinister than Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. A unique book from a worldfamous writer of Classics.
The Turn of the Screw
A new governess comes to a large country house to care for two young children. Small but strange events begin to happen. The new governess tries to find answers and is pulled deeply into the strange history of Bly house and its inhabitants.
The African Queen
During World War One, missionary Rose Sayer and mechanic Charlie Allnutt travel down the Ulanga River in a small steamboat, the African Queen, to escape the Germans. On the way, Rose comes up with the idea to use their boat to torpedo a German warship. They have to face numerous difficulties, but the couple’s determination is very strong...
The Man Who Would Be King
Peachey Carnehan and Daniel Dravot, two former British soldiers, decide to travel to Kafiristan to become kings. Their journey is difficult, but the men achieve their goal and manage to become kings and gods in the land of Kafiristan. Sadly, Carnehan and Dravot’s quest for glory ends tragically.
Wuthering Heights
Telling the story of two generations, Wuthering Heights is the powerful tale of the love between Heathcliff, a poor boy, possibly of gypsy origin, and Catherine, a wealthy young woman. Though she and Heathcliff have strong feelings for each other, Catherine decides to marry her rich neighbour, Edgar Linton, to maintain her social status and reputation. Hurt by her rejection, Heathcliff devises a plan to take revenge on Catherine’s family, with tragic consequences.
The Coral Island
When three young friends are shipwrecked on an island in the Pacific, they’re forced to use all their intelligence and courage to survive. Their tropical paradise is then threatened when dangerous natives and bloodthirsty pirates arrive on the island, and a thrilling adventure in the South Seas begins.
David Copperfield
When young David’s mother dies, his cruel stepfather sends him to work in a factory in London. The working conditions are appalling and David decides to run away and start a new life in Dover... Join David Copperfield as he journeys from heartbreak to happiness in this extraordinary tale of courage and determination.
The Creeping Man
In this exciting Sherlock Holmes adventure, the famous detective’s powers of deduction are put to the test when he is called in to investigate the bizarre behaviour of a highly-respected professor.
The Tempest
Prospero, former Duke of Milan, has been living with his daughter Miranda on a remote island for fiffteen years. When a ship carrying his greatest enemies approaches the island, Prospero has his chance for revenge. Due to his magical powers a terrible storm breaks out, and everyone on the ship gets washed ashore...
Moby Dick
When Captain Ahab loses his leg to a white whale named Moby Dick, he devises a plan to destroy the animal – at any cost; but Ahab’s quest for justice ends in tragedy.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Hermia and Lysander are in love with each other. However, Demetrius also loves Hermia and Helena loves Demetrius. While the young people pursue each other through the wood, a fairy named Puck accidentally causes both Lysander and Demetrius to fall in love with Helena. A night of chaos and confusion follows, but with a little magic, order is finally restored and the couples enjoy a happy ending.
The Grapes of Wrath
In America during the Great Depression, the Joads, a povertystricken family from Oklahoma, travel to California in search of a better life. The journey across the country quickly becomes a struggle for survival. This famous novel examines the troubles of an ordinary family facing extraordinary circumstances during one of America’s darkest times.