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skills & exams
grammar & vocabulary
key features
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Grammar boxes
  • Colourful and amusing illustrations
  • Oral activities/songs encouraging communication
  • Revision units consolidating Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Spelling and writing techniques
  • Lively material for learning phonics
Book 1 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-244-8
Book 1 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-245-5
Book 1 CLASS CD978-960-443-252-3
Book 2 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-246-2
Book 2 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-247-9
Book 2 CLASS CD978-960-443-253-0
Book 3 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-248-6
Book 3 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-249-3
Book 3 CLASS CD978-960-443-254-7
Book 4 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-250-9
Book 4 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-251-6
Book 4 CLASS CD978-960-443-255-4
Book 5 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-494-7
Book 5 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-495-4
Book 5 CLASS CD978-960-443-496-1
Book 6 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-443-497-8
Book 6 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-443-498-5
Book 6 CLASS CD978-960-443-499-2
Split edition 1A978-960-443-446-6
Split edition 1B978-960-443-447-3
Split edition 2A978-960-443-448-0
Split edition 2B978-960-443-449-7
Split edition 3A978-960-443-450-3
Split edition 3B978-960-443-451-0
Split edition 4A978-960-443-488-6
Split edition 4B978-960-443-489-3
Split edition 5A978-960-443-490-9
Split edition 5B978-960-443-491-6
Split edition 6A978-960-443-492-3
Split edition 6B978-960-443-493-0